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         Dottie Flowers and the Skinner Gang

Bells ring and lights flash as Dottie wins the jackpot at a local casino. In the confusion that follows, George Fernandes, a sleaze she'd known in high school, is stabbed to death next to her machine. After being questioned by the police, Dottie and Mabel find themselves on a roller coaster adventure when they're chased by two of George's associates on a motor bike. They discover why when Dottie finds emerald jewelry in her coat pocket. It's not only their pursuers who are after the emeralds. After Dottie's beloved cat is kidnapped by the Skinner Gang in an attempt to force her to hand over the emeralds, she takes action.

Romance enters the scene when Dottie meets a handsome jewelry appraiser who offers to help her by getting the emeralds copied. Despite his charms, Dottie has doubts about his motive. Are her instincts right? Will Enrique double cross her?